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More flights!

I’m taking another trip!

I hate flying (as we’ve seen from the Delta letter), but I haven’t been to California in a really long time. I also haven’t had a good chance to see the Dans, Adam, or Jayson. So I’m flying out to California (SFO) on the 19th of February, and coming back on the 23rd (Thursday-Monday). A short weekend getaway to be sure, but I’ll be happy to see my friends again.

And of course I’ll take pictures…95% of you probably read this for the pictures.

I’m still a little jetlagged from last week, but I think I’m just about over it. It’ll get easier as time passes, I guess. I miss Korea…well, mostly Sonia, but I know I’ll see her soon!

And work is…work. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do, just gotta get it done (instead of writing stupid blog posts!)…

Sooo….back to that.