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Fine, I’ll post.

fine. I guess I’ll post something.

I’m in law school now. It’s only been a week of working and school at the same time – and it’s quite a bit. One of the professors said “I know that many of you have full-time jobs, or family/spouse responsibilities, or – God forbid – both …” so I’m not sure how easy this is going to be.

But I’m not the kind of person who gives up so easily. It’s already extremely challenging and stimulating; I’m hoping that the excitement keeps up. I’m also positive that it’ll help me in my current job – I’ll be much better at arguing.

that is all for now. I’m tired.



The flight was long, no problems this time though. Korean Air’s flight attendants are very attentive.  Every time something fell, every time something dropped, every time something didn’t look 100% clean, they came and fixed it.  Kinda creepy; not used to that level of service and I’m not sure if it’s what I prefer or not.

Got in around 3am, Sonia met up with us around 4am (she goes to work really early…my beautiful trooper…), and now I’m in the Hotel’s Internet cafe.

Buttloads of email, and Bank of America blocked my debit card because I didn’t clear it with them that I was going to Korea…except…wait for it…I did…I called them last night and told them to put notes on my credit card accounts. This apparently doesn’t apply to their debit card.

Mother f’er.


Not much worth blogging about yet.

I’ll take pictures soon obviously. It’s 8am and I am really tired, but I’m going to POWER through today.

Just watch me.


On the classics

You ever start to write a blog post and realize that it’s uninteresting, and no-one’s going to read it?

And then you erase it, and you start over, writing a meta-post about writing a post.  You end up writing the post in the end, disclaiming it with a stupid opening.


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Friday is here!

Hooray Friday!

Well, it’s 9:21.  But it’s almost Friday and I’m almost done with work for the week.

I guess that’s it for this entry.  I could talk about Bilski sending a writ of cert to the Supreme Court, but PatentlyO has already covered that enough.  Maybe
I’ll write something on it later, but for now I’m tired.

Very tired.  I think I’ve done about 90 hours this biweek so far, so hopefully I’ll go in tomorrow for a short time, and get everything done quickly.

…I hope.