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The Intellectual Property Brief

I’ve been posting about twice a month at American University’s Intellectual Property Brief –  There’s a wide variety of timely articles there.  These are not dissertations or even what you’d normally see in a law journal; rather, they’re short blog posts on the big and the small in the intellectual property world.

For example, I did a blog post recently on Microsoft v. i4i – a high-profile Supreme Court case.  There have also been posts on the face tattoo from The Hangover and how it’s gotten Warner Bros. into hot water.

Definitely worth reading if you’re into IP.

That’s all for now.  End of the quarter.  Gotta work work work.

Friday is here!

Hooray Friday!

Well, it’s 9:21.  But it’s almost Friday and I’m almost done with work for the week.

I guess that’s it for this entry.  I could talk about Bilski sending a writ of cert to the Supreme Court, but PatentlyO has already covered that enough.  Maybe
I’ll write something on it later, but for now I’m tired.

Very tired.  I think I’ve done about 90 hours this biweek so far, so hopefully I’ll go in tomorrow for a short time, and get everything done quickly.

…I hope.