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I’d forgotten how much of a pain Linux can be, haha….

Well, in all fairness, I think a lot of it was because I never use the system…so it had to be updated quite a bit. But I installed Motion on a shitty webcam. I had to update nearly everything on the system before getting it to work, but that’s life. Probably the same stuff would have had to happen on my Mac or on my Windows machine…I just happen to use the other computers more often :-)

Anyway, now I can set it up to see anytime someone walks into my apartment – it takes pictures and throws them into a flash movie for my perusal. It timestamps everything, and can even draw a box around the “changing pixels” (i.e.: the person walking into the frame).

I did all this WHILE packing to go home to NJ (and for Korea). As much as I hate the Internet…it’s really pretty awesome.

Anyway, time for bed. I’m going up with Eric tomorrow, then I have a week before I finally see 박선영!