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Will upload pictures here soon.


For now, they’re on facebook.

The blessing of DVR

Having a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is both awesome and awful:

  • Pro: I have no excuse for staying up late, because I can record this episode of House that I’ve never seen!
  • Con: I have no excuse for staying up late.
  • Pro: I won’t miss shows, thereby enabling me to watch more TV!
  • Con: I watch more TV.
  • Pro: I find myself loving Comcast more and more every day!
  • Con: I find myself loving Comcast.

you get the picture.

In other news, Metro has rehabilitated some cars recently:


And the Sony store has a $400….thing.  I have a video but it’s too big for Youtube, and Google Video is taking too long to approve it.  I’ll post it eventually.  Just know that it’s….weird.  And overpriced.


Malls, malls, malls! And no pictures because my battery was dead :-(

Yesterday was a looong day!  We went to Sunyoung’s mother’s church where I understood maybe 10 words that were said.  I did sing the song though; “축복합니다”, which means something like “may God bless you”.  I did a pretty good job, but there’s a portion where the singing gets really fast, and I’m just not that fast at reading Korean yet :-)

After church, we went out to meet Sonia’s friends at the COEX mall.  It was a long bus ride + a long Metro ride to Samsung-dong.  When we got there, we stayed underground the entire time – from the metro, through Hyundai department store, into COEX mall, I didn’t see light after about 3:30 pm that day.  We walked around the mall for a while, just looking for a place to eat that wasn’t terribly crowded. On the way, we spotted a Kimchi museum, but didn’t get a chance to go in before it closed. Something for next time :-)

We settled on “Mr. Pizza“, whose slogan is “Love for women”…???  Beyond that slogan, there was nothing terribly off about the place. It was Korean-style pizza, which means…well, dough + stuff. We ended up getting the “Potato Pizza“, an amalgam of potato, mushroom, corn, bacon, beef, and onion.

So good. No sauce, but there was cheese in the crust (Cheese cap pizza).

So good. No sauce, but there was cheese in the crust ("Cheese cap pizza").

After pizza, we met Sunyoung’s friends for coffee and I was interviewed for about an hour. I tried my best to speak and understand Korean, but this language is damn hard. Much respect for those who can actually speak this crazy language… I’m very glad her friends understood enough English.

Jayson, if you’re reading this, remember Sonia’s friend Sae Min? Yeah, she said hi to ya, heh.

Anyway, it’s Monday now and I think the rest of the house is waking up. I’ll probably head upstairs soon when 할머니 (grandmother) calls for breakfast, as per usual.

Today I think we’re going to another observatory tower, and I’m not sure what else. Either way, it’s turning out to be a wonderful vacation so far!