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My old Budget letter

Here’s the letter I wrote in June 2007 to Budget Rent-a-Car.  I rented a Budget truck to move some stuff from my house in NJ to Virginia.  I should have used U-Haul, but it was actually significantly more expensive.

The story is inside the letter – it was quite an adventure.  After this letter, I got back the late fee ($80), the money I paid for gas while driving around ($60), 3 free car rentals, and (I think) half of my original rental fee (~$70).  Not a bad deal in the end!

Read ahead for the letter.  Hopefully you can learn from my letters and write your own complaints!

If I had to write this letter again, I would change it because it rambles a little bit too much.

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Executive Carpet Bombs

No, it’s not as violent as it sounds.  Anytime you want to send a complaint letter, like my Delta letter, my Budget letter (which I’ll post eventually), or any of my other letters (apartment buildings, etc.) that have resulted in cash and prizes, the best way to complain is to hit everyone you can.

I found a site called Executive Bomb.  (Incidentally, I saw it on The Consumerist – a site I recommend; just take what you read with a salt shaker. At times it’s a bit over-the-top and sensationalist.)  The site purports to have 800+ entries for company contacts – email addresses/email formats (such as, phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc. I haven’t checked on the accuracy of the companies that I’ve looked into, but the idea is good.

Beyond that, here are my recommendations.

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