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I’d never felt an all-around joy quite like the one I got when I read this:



Even looking at it now still makes me all warm and fuzzy all over :-)


Back from Korea!

All of my good pictures are on Facebook – go see them here: – day 1
– day 2
– day 3 – day 4 – day 5 – day 6 – day 7 – day 8 – day 9

However, in the interest of using this webspace a bit more, I’ll post a bit of a documentary-style narrative here.

When I have more energy.



Holy crap.

I heard about RIP: A Remix Manifesto, a documentary about the remixing revolution from a copyright perspective, from DCist.  Haven’t watched it yet, but it has interviews with Cory Doctorow and Girl Talk (both people who I find fascinating).

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Steak v. Chicken

Steak is awesome, and chicken sucks.

That is all.

Booka Shade at 9:30, March 25

Last night, I left work and met up with Alan for a night of awesome. I got to the U Street metro, waited for Alan’s lazy ass to make it to the station (his excuse? “I walked from Dupont”! Jerk.)

We headed to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a spot that neither of us had actually ever been to!

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Chocolate, waffles, and awesome times were ALL had!

So I spent the last couple days on the other coast.  I haven’t spent any time in California since maybe a decade ago (ish?), so it was good to go back and see the sights that I’d enjoyed as a kid.

Alcatraz.  In Arabic it means..."The Catraz". (Not really.)

Alcatraz. In Arabic it means..."The Catraz". (Not really.)

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Back from SF/LA

I’m back from San Francisco and Los Angeles! I had a great time, but I’m tired as hell so I’m going to sleep now.

I’ll post the pictures I snapped tomorrow.


Klondike bars?!

I was in a sweet mood.  I went downstairs to my apartment’s convenience store and got both a package of Double Stuf Oreo and a single Klondike bar.

For some dumb reason, I looked at the nutrition facts for the Klondike bar.  If you want to preserve your happiness, stop reading right now.



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I am classy, so there.

So my mother found an old page from Family Circle magazine (June 1973).  It features none other than MY COUCH!

Apparently my couch, derided as “hideous”, “crazy”, and “unique” by detractors, is a Directional Furniture creation – apparently quite an expensive and classy brand back in the day!

I’m going to try to find the full name of my couch someday – maybe I’ll give the company a call.

Willie Mays Couch

As you can see, Willie Mays owns my couch.  (Well, he owns the entire set, the whole U-sectional set.)

Willie Mays is a classy guy.  As I own the same couch, I at least mooch some of that class.  Therefore I’m classy.

That is all.


Seriously now? Are ya thinking?

So I received a letter in the mail today, pictured below.  What was it, and why am I reacting in such an incredulous manner?


Oh look, tax information.  There’s probably nothing important or sensitive in there right?  I guess there might be something; it does say “CONFIDENTIAL”.  That would probably keep out any potential identity thieves…not that they’d be stupid enough to put anything easily stolen right?

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