About me and Disclaimer

Hi there!  Nice to meet you.  I’m Chris.

This site used to host a little bit of useful material, but it became hard to maintain (I wrote my own CRM/website software in SQL, PHP, and some form of unholy incantation that was a giant pain to manage; I have no idea how it actually stayed together) and I stopped having time to update it.

So now it’ll be a blog.  Hooray for exposition!

Disclaimer: From time to time I may talk about my “opinions” or “ideas”. Now and then they might even have something to do with patents!

Any statements made on this site, other sites, blogs, pages, bulletin boards, mailing lists, or similar electronic (or non-electronic) outlets are solely my opinion and do not reflect the opinion of my employer. I take full responsibility for any statements made. This includes political affiliations, endorsements, comments, ideations, etc.

You get the picture. If I said, it was me, speaking for myself alone.

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