A question to the blogosphere.

Is there a word for when you think people are talking behind your back; specifically using a long chain of e-mails?

(Note: I don’t think this is happening to me, I just wonder whether it’s a feeling that paranoid people might get, and I think it’s more specific than just typical paranoia that it merits its own word.)

Imagine it – (you believe) your friends all have a huge e-mail conversation going on, and it has been for months and months, and the title is “Why Chris sucks” or something to that effect.  Everytime you see your friends’ inboxes, you catch a glimpse of something that might have your name on it, but you never end up finding out what is in there.

There’s got to be a word for this.  I think that you can classify these people as “paranoid” generally, but there must be a word for the more specific situation of your friends using e-mail to keep an ongoing hate list about you.

There must be.

If not, get on it, psychologists!


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