Crazy fun fonts

Today after 한국어 수업 (Korean class), I went into work, then I had a few drinks with a coworker.  With the night ahead of me (I got home around 7pm), I watched Blades of Glory.  After that, I made some more fonts.  Sweet life right?  Check them out after the jump.

Yes, I know it’s boring, but hell, if I’m going to be bored, I’m going to make you bored too.


Font test #2

Font test #2. Notice insanity in font #3.

I like to think of #1 as a first attempt, #2 as a serious second attempt, and #3 as my attempt to make things look crazy.

I then realized the limitations of the system, in that the system only lets you the basic Latin alphabet with accented characters, plus typical other keyboard characters (at-sign, etc.).  What if I wanted to make a custom set for when I do Korean homework?  What if I wanted to add more characters?  What about wingdings and stuff like that?

I had a feeling that it would be somewhat difficult, but I was hopeful.

So I downloaded FontForge.  Hint for the weak of heart – the author of the software warns you that

Font design can be a Trap, but I find it a rather pleasant one. Caveat utor.

And now I understand why!

Attempts to create a Z.

My attempts to create a simple lowercase 'z'.

So…many…buttons.  The abbreviated FAQ is roughly 12 pages in small font.  It’s ridiculous, which is why I see the point of the YourFonts site.

Maybe in my boredom I’ll start designing….but let’s be realistic now.  I’m bored, but not THAT bored.

Shouldn’t I be studying for the LSAT?!  Gah!

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