Seriously now? Are ya thinking?

So I received a letter in the mail today, pictured below.  What was it, and why am I reacting in such an incredulous manner?


Oh look, tax information.  There’s probably nothing important or sensitive in there right?  I guess there might be something; it does say “CONFIDENTIAL”.  That would probably keep out any potential identity thieves…not that they’d be stupid enough to put anything easily stolen right?

Guess what’s inside!  It’s a 1098-T from my alma mater, for my last semester.  It tells me how much was paid for tuition last year.

What was on it was the most disturbing thing.


That was my Social Security Number, my home address and full name, and how much was paid for school.  I received a similar form IN THE MAIL from work, from my brokerage, from my banks where I have savings accounts…

Does this not bother anyone else?!  How much identity theft occurs every year from January 1st – April 15th?  I’m guessing a lot of people just “never receive” their tax forms, and it’s because someone yoinks it out of their mailboxes.

I guess this tells me that if this patent stuff doesn’t work, I’ll just start breaking into mailboxes for the first few weeks of January.

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