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I’d never felt an all-around joy quite like the one I got when I read this:



Even looking at it now still makes me all warm and fuzzy all over :-)


Holy crap.

I heard about RIP: A Remix Manifesto, a documentary about the remixing revolution from a copyright perspective, from DCist.  Haven’t watched it yet, but it has interviews with Cory Doctorow and Girl Talk (both people who I find fascinating).

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A question to the blogosphere.

Is there a word for when you think people are talking behind your back; specifically using a long chain of e-mails? Continue reading ‘A question to the blogosphere.’ »

Interracial marriage / same-sex marriage

Here’s a story for you.  It’s not real, but read it, and think about it before continuing. Continue reading ‘Interracial marriage / same-sex marriage’ »

On the classics

You ever start to write a blog post and realize that it’s uninteresting, and no-one’s going to read it?

And then you erase it, and you start over, writing a meta-post about writing a post.  You end up writing the post in the end, disclaiming it with a stupid opening.


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The blessing of DVR

Having a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is both awesome and awful:

  • Pro: I have no excuse for staying up late, because I can record this episode of House that I’ve never seen!
  • Con: I have no excuse for staying up late.
  • Pro: I won’t miss shows, thereby enabling me to watch more TV!
  • Con: I watch more TV.
  • Pro: I find myself loving Comcast more and more every day!
  • Con: I find myself loving Comcast.

you get the picture.

In other news, Metro has rehabilitated some cars recently:


And the Sony store has a $400….thing.  I have a video but it’s too big for Youtube, and Google Video is taking too long to approve it.  I’ll post it eventually.  Just know that it’s….weird.  And overpriced.


Crazy fun fonts

Today after 한국어 수업 (Korean class), I went into work, then I had a few drinks with a coworker.  With the night ahead of me (I got home around 7pm), I watched Blades of Glory.  After that, I made some more fonts.  Sweet life right?  Check them out after the jump.

Yes, I know it’s boring, but hell, if I’m going to be bored, I’m going to make you bored too.


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My blog is popular now!

Well, sort of.  I get about 20 comments a day….but they’re all spam.  Luckily WordPress catches most of them and flags them, but I think it still needs some work.  That’s okay though, at least SOMEONE’S reading :-)

It’s Friday night and I’m spending it in.  I have a feeling I’m coming down with the flu, so I’m calling it an early night and finishing my homework for Korean class tomorrow (almost done 선생님!), and maybe I’ll end up doing some work too…because my life is just that awesome.

I have a few pictures after the jump!

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Klondike bars?!

I was in a sweet mood.  I went downstairs to my apartment’s convenience store and got both a package of Double Stuf Oreo and a single Klondike bar.

For some dumb reason, I looked at the nutrition facts for the Klondike bar.  If you want to preserve your happiness, stop reading right now.



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Friday is here!

Hooray Friday!

Well, it’s 9:21.  But it’s almost Friday and I’m almost done with work for the week.

I guess that’s it for this entry.  I could talk about Bilski sending a writ of cert to the Supreme Court, but PatentlyO has already covered that enough.  Maybe
I’ll write something on it later, but for now I’m tired.

Very tired.  I think I’ve done about 90 hours this biweek so far, so hopefully I’ll go in tomorrow for a short time, and get everything done quickly.

…I hope.