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Booka Shade at 9:30, March 25

Last night, I left work and met up with Alan for a night of awesome. I got to the U Street metro, waited for Alan’s lazy ass to make it to the station (his excuse? “I walked from Dupont”! Jerk.)

We headed to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a spot that neither of us had actually ever been to!

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A short pictorial letter to the Office of Personnel Management.

Klondike bars?!

I was in a sweet mood.  I went downstairs to my apartment’s convenience store and got both a package of Double Stuf Oreo and a single Klondike bar.

For some dumb reason, I looked at the nutrition facts for the Klondike bar.  If you want to preserve your happiness, stop reading right now.



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My old Budget letter

Here’s the letter I wrote in June 2007 to Budget Rent-a-Car.  I rented a Budget truck to move some stuff from my house in NJ to Virginia.  I should have used U-Haul, but it was actually significantly more expensive.

The story is inside the letter – it was quite an adventure.  After this letter, I got back the late fee ($80), the money I paid for gas while driving around ($60), 3 free car rentals, and (I think) half of my original rental fee (~$70).  Not a bad deal in the end!

Read ahead for the letter.  Hopefully you can learn from my letters and write your own complaints!

If I had to write this letter again, I would change it because it rambles a little bit too much.

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Hot cocoa, and depressing cookies

Today I’m staying at home.  I was thinking of going into the Office, but last night I was convinced to stay at home and work here.  I can print out everything I need to, and do work from home.  I can’t count hours, but I can get work done…which I have quite a bit of.

I decided that if I was going to stay home, I wanted some hot cocoa in the morning.  So I went to Harris Teeter for some mix.

I saw something there that I always notice, and it somewhat depresses me each time.

It's like this EVERY TIME.

It's like this EVERY TIME.

Now you might be saying “Chris, what if you just caught them in between refills, and this is that rare time where they’ve refilled the lowfat cookies but not the sugar ones!”  To that I say “Fine, but I’ve been to Harris Teeter dozens of times…and it’s ALWAYS like this.”  It’s like people don’t even see the lowfat ones!

I’ve tested both. Can’t tell the difference.  They could switch the labels and see absolutely no difference in people’s choices.

Anyway, time to do work.  Just wanted to vent about that.