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The Intellectual Property Brief

I’ve been posting about twice a month at American University’s Intellectual Property Brief –  There’s a wide variety of timely articles there.  These are not dissertations or even what you’d normally see in a law journal; rather, they’re short blog posts on the big and the small in the intellectual property world.

For example, I did a blog post recently on Microsoft v. i4i – a high-profile Supreme Court case.  There have also been posts on the face tattoo from The Hangover and how it’s gotten Warner Bros. into hot water.

Definitely worth reading if you’re into IP.

That’s all for now.  End of the quarter.  Gotta work work work.

Fine, I’ll post.

fine. I guess I’ll post something.

I’m in law school now. It’s only been a week of working and school at the same time – and it’s quite a bit. One of the professors said “I know that many of you have full-time jobs, or family/spouse responsibilities, or – God forbid – both …” so I’m not sure how easy this is going to be.

But I’m not the kind of person who gives up so easily. It’s already extremely challenging and stimulating; I’m hoping that the excitement keeps up. I’m also positive that it’ll help me in my current job – I’ll be much better at arguing.

that is all for now. I’m tired.

The most sacrilegious meal. Ever.

This morning I was hungry.  I decided to combine what I had lying around.

I think I stumbled on the most sacrilegious meal ever.

Matzoh+bacon+scrambled eggs+cheese:


If you have any ideas on how to make this meal more offensive, do let me know.  I figure pork on matzoh gets me pretty far though….


Back from Korea!

All of my good pictures are on Facebook – go see them here: – day 1
– day 2
– day 3 – day 4 – day 5 – day 6 – day 7 – day 8 – day 9

However, in the interest of using this webspace a bit more, I’ll post a bit of a documentary-style narrative here.

When I have more energy.




The flight was long, no problems this time though. Korean Air’s flight attendants are very attentive.  Every time something fell, every time something dropped, every time something didn’t look 100% clean, they came and fixed it.  Kinda creepy; not used to that level of service and I’m not sure if it’s what I prefer or not.

Got in around 3am, Sonia met up with us around 4am (she goes to work really early…my beautiful trooper…), and now I’m in the Hotel’s Internet cafe.

Buttloads of email, and Bank of America blocked my debit card because I didn’t clear it with them that I was going to Korea…except…wait for it…I did…I called them last night and told them to put notes on my credit card accounts. This apparently doesn’t apply to their debit card.

Mother f’er.


Not much worth blogging about yet.

I’ll take pictures soon obviously. It’s 8am and I am really tired, but I’m going to POWER through today.

Just watch me.


Steak v. Chicken

Steak is awesome, and chicken sucks.

That is all.

Back from SF/LA

I’m back from San Francisco and Los Angeles! I had a great time, but I’m tired as hell so I’m going to sleep now.

I’ll post the pictures I snapped tomorrow.


The blessing of DVR

Having a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is both awesome and awful:

  • Pro: I have no excuse for staying up late, because I can record this episode of House that I’ve never seen!
  • Con: I have no excuse for staying up late.
  • Pro: I won’t miss shows, thereby enabling me to watch more TV!
  • Con: I watch more TV.
  • Pro: I find myself loving Comcast more and more every day!
  • Con: I find myself loving Comcast.

you get the picture.

In other news, Metro has rehabilitated some cars recently:


And the Sony store has a $400….thing.  I have a video but it’s too big for Youtube, and Google Video is taking too long to approve it.  I’ll post it eventually.  Just know that it’s….weird.  And overpriced.


I am classy, so there.

So my mother found an old page from Family Circle magazine (June 1973).  It features none other than MY COUCH!

Apparently my couch, derided as “hideous”, “crazy”, and “unique” by detractors, is a Directional Furniture creation – apparently quite an expensive and classy brand back in the day!

I’m going to try to find the full name of my couch someday – maybe I’ll give the company a call.

Willie Mays Couch

As you can see, Willie Mays owns my couch.  (Well, he owns the entire set, the whole U-sectional set.)

Willie Mays is a classy guy.  As I own the same couch, I at least mooch some of that class.  Therefore I’m classy.

That is all.


First real post

For my first post, I’m soliciting everyone out there. I heard a song on the radio today, “Marche Lorraine” by Louis Ganne. It sounds really familiar, like it’s from a movie, but for the life of me, I can’t place it.

Anyone know any recent references to this song? Maybe it’s in a Monty Python sketch, or some sort of comedy film?

Here’s a clip from the iTunes store, since all the songs on Youtube seem to be another song.


Also, here’s my Resume, just for kicks.